Several months ago, I read some news about Leonardo DiCaprio visited Indonesia. Meet up with elephants, orangutan, and so on. For what purpose? Now, I know why he came.

Before The Flood is a documentary by National Geographic about climate change, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I think it’s very important issue so I create a poster for the screening event and invite other students at campus.

The documentary is publicy available in Youtube. It’s illegal to download from Youtube but I have to do so just to make it playable with Indonesian subtitle. Ah.

Only 15 attend the screening but I was glad that they’ve positive feedback about this issue.

Here is the pict, taken by Mrs. Misri, head of library service at STTNF.

Thanks to Mrs. Misri for all the supports. Both of us are willing to create other screening event again. Maybe the Internet’s Own Boy, Sex Lies Cigarette, or the WatchDoc series. Can’t wait. :)